The Rolling Stones are celebrating their 50 years in show business, as I recently read in the Wall Street Journal. It was interesting to be reminded that the Stones’ early style was very natural, as in, one could almost say JCrew-ish? I have to say that I prefer Mr. Jaggar in those clothes in that era. A most beautiful English lad! Here is what phtographer Gered Mankovitz said about their style in the early days:

“In late 1965, when I first shot them, it was against the band ethos to dress up too much,” said rock photographer Gered Mankowitz, who toured with the band that year, and shot Stones album covers such as 1965’s “Out of Our Heads” and ’67’s “Between the Buttons.” “There wasn’t a lot of difference between their off- and onstage style, really. The look was natural, real—not flashy. Part of their visual strength was their individuality. And each had their own look.”

Mick Jaggar 1965

Mick Jaggar circa 1965 - very JCrew


A Darling English Lad

Rolling Stones Album

In their "Classic Dressing" stage

Although I also must say I love their jumpsuit and cape wearing in the years that were to follow, I think their classic look fit their youth well.

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