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“Terry was everywhere in the 60s – he knew everything and everyone that was happening” Keith Richards

Before the annual Academy Awards show each year here in Los Angeles, there are many nostalgia – themed shows and articles remembering stars and icons from previous eras. It’s almost as if the past is more glamorous and impossibly cool than the present, and the stars of today are just waiting for enough time to pass when they too, will immortalized by one or two memorable photographs. Arguably, there is no greater documenter of cool than the amazing Terry O’Neill. His snap of Brigitte Bardot with the wind whipping her hair is one of the most famous shots of one of the most famous icons. There is a new reprint out with hundreds of his mesmerizing photographs, “Terry O’Neill, Introduction by Dylan Jones” published by ACC Editions. I want it! I could look at his photos endlessly. He is 75 years old and still going strong. Oh, the stories he could tell… but he won’t…

“I’ve been repeatedly asked to write my autobiography – I have seen an awful lot of famous people at their best and worst – but I’m not interested in making money trading their secrets or mine. I want my pictures to tell a story not sell a story.” Terry O’Neill

How refreshing!

Terry O'Neill brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot


Terry O'Neill with his Bardot photograph

Terry and Brigitte


Terrry O'Neill Faye Dunaway

Faye Dunaway with the morning after her Oscar win


Mick Jagger by Terry O'Neill


Nov 102012

We have all come to the realization that Steve Jobs was a National Treasure and has changed our world. But I didn’t know that Steve himself considered Edwin Land, the creator of the Poloraid camera, as his hero. Of course, with my fondness for retro and nostalgia of times and styles of the past, I lament the demise of the Polaroid camera. Yes, it did not turn out the best of pictures, but they were often magically delicious, and the fake digital polaroid filters just aren’t, well… REAL! I also have to sadly admit I threw out THREE instant polaroid cameras, a Sun 600, a Spectra, and a more recent “Funkit” thinking they were useless since the film has been discontinued.

But there is the site “The Impossible Project” (http://shop.the-impossible-project.com) which has recreated these films. I’m estactic about their grand efforts to keep the polaroid alive, yet the film is quite expensive for 8 eight images, so it is probably best i don’t have my cameras, as I would undoubtedly buy the film.

Check out the official polaroid site, as well as this great article in The Wall Street Journal yesterday: “It’s Polaroid’s World and We Just Live in It.”

And lastly below is one of my scanned favorite Polaroid’s, available as a re-print for your retro-loving pleasure!

Polaroid Sun 600

Polaroid Pool

Click on the pic or…
Purchase it here!

Oct 222012

I particularly like the Patchwork dresses I’ve been seeing.. they remind me of collage and layering in art forms. It is something tricky to achieve in both fashion and art. What clashes… and what is harmonious together?

I think the use of black and white makes it much easier to pattern clash. It is something I should try as I usually use a lot of color.

Preen Patchwork Dress

raoul patchwork dress

Below is one of my newer more “earthy” patchwork pieces. For now it is only available in my Etsy store (click on the image to visit my store!) as I have too many industrious activities going on and keeping up with them is exhausting (my life functions as a patchwork as well!) I think it is most beautiful as a canvas.
But please take your time to peruse my website, where I have many images not on etsy:

JuliE Christie

And as Autumn is near, of course I think of Paris, and this seems to represent a piece of a patchwork memory of Paris… It is time to go again. YAY!


Jun 282012

Today I came across two different items related to the iconic Gustav Klimt.  Having been to Vienna, which I love (where I swear his spirit lives on!) one is often caught by surprise when suddenly, looming around any corner, is an Art Deco architectural wonder. Of course it is a modern, bustling city, but it literally sings with music and art. I can’t help but love Klimt; of course I love his lyrical line and sense of the decorative, and gold leaf is always special to me (anything that is glittery works for me!)  But also, he was a true lover of women and their sensuality, and he always messed and annoyed  the establishment of his day, a character trait I admire. No shrinking violet was Gustav!  And he produced some seriously beautiful art.

There is a review in The Wall Street Journal “Forever Between Two Worlds” for an exhibition at the Neue Gallery in New York, in honor of the 150th aniversary of his birth.  And at the Getty Museum here in Los Angeles, we have “Gustav Klimt: The Magic of Line” which will showcase his drawings. An excerpt:

Discover the beautiful and evocative drawings of Gustav Klimt in this major retrospective, which explores the stylistic evolution of his drawings as well as their centrality to his work. Klimt’s drawings are characterized by an unsurpassed mastery of line, from his earliest days as a student to his maturity as an avant-garde master.

I am lucky enough to be able to see both, as I will soon be in New York (YAY!!) so I will get to absorb some Gustav magic.


Adele Bloch-Bauer, 1907 (Klimt's possible lover!)


Gustave Klimt drawing "Fishblood"

Klimt Drawing The Kiss

Preparatory drawing for "The Kiss"

Here is a Photo illustration collage I did that includes an image on Klimts very famous “The Kiss”. I no longer sell this image, but maybe I should revisit it! I love being inspired from other artist’s and incorporating them in my work.


Visit my website or etsy store to see what I am up to now!

May 042012

It’s been a long time between blog posts for me. I’ve had a bit of computer burn-out.  Time always runs short, and I need to replenish  by thinking and making things.  Sometimes making things that have no use at all. There is a beauty in that, like the beauty of Bjork. I am so thrilled and grateful each and everytime I sell something, but getting it out there in cyberland takes many hours sitting in front of the computer.  In fact, right now, instead of working, I read this fascinating article on what inspires Bjork; everything from music to the rain forests. I think it is well worth the time to find out about what inspires Bjork, because she is a true original creative force.  I don’t always love all of her music, but I always love her and her strange beauty. She inspires me!

bjork biophilia

Bjork from her latest album, "Biophilia"

Click on this image to read and listen to some of the many things that inspire Bjork from this fabulous article on the guardian.uk website, written by Rebecca Nicholson.


Photo of Bjork on the Guardian UK article

You can also find images of her best fashion choices! Of course, the famous “Swan Dress” is there!

Jan 262012

As I write this post on my iPad, I acknowledge that I love the digital age as much as we all do, and there is no doubt that digital photography is one of the most important advances ever. Well, except for maybe the release of the Kodak “Brownie” camera. It was the first portable camera; the first to bring photography to everyone. You just took your photos, and sent the whole camera in, then Kodak sent you back your photos and a newly loaded camera!

Kodak brownie camera
Early Brownie Advertisement

I loved learning the challenge of film photography; the chemistry, the skill, the tricks of a double exposure, and sadly, it is now basically extinct. I own quite a few expensive cameras that are now worthless! (a short meditation on the nature of acquiring “things!”) and in reality, digital pixels don’t really replicate a true analog image. Somehow, something is missing!

It looks like Kodak will soon be no more, so here are some retro memories to honor “The Eastman Kodak Co.”

brigitte bardot with camera

Lastly, I have included a COLOR FILM ANALOG photograph I took about 3 years ago, when I went around my local area taking pictures of old California style Bungalows at night. Sadly, they too, are dissapearing!!!! And NO, NOT ANY Photoshopping!!!!

Night Film Photography California Bungalow

Film Photography California Bungalow by trolleyla


In French, “window shopping” is translated literally  as “licking the windows” (leche-vitrines) as in,  Je adore faire du lèche-vitrines pendant la période de Noël (I adore window shopping at Christmas time.) But after taking a break from my blog (and work) to have an extended stay in the City of Light, I can tell you that they have the BEST window displays there, bar none. You WILL want to lick the windows. The most amazing little stores, remarkably small and perhaps largely unnoticed, design a small feast for the senses for those who take the time to stop and look. It’s just how they do things in France (I never thought taking art education out of the public schools was a good idea.  Ask the French about it!)

One late Sunday night (yes, I said Sunday) around midnight, I was walking back to my apartment in the 6eme and I saw a women, working alone late in her little hat boutique, designing her new window display for the following week.  She would make the most incremental adjustments of the hats, then walk in the street to take a look, then go back and move things a teeny bit more.  It was very late, but apparently, very important.  That is why it is worth “licking the windows” in Paris! Thank God the French don’t like to change!

Here are just a few of the windows I photographed; mostly I was focused on photographing small Parisians scenes to embellish for my store.  Take a look, they will be added soon!

Paris Window

Paris, 2011

Marilyn Window

Paris, 2011

Paris Window

Paris, 2011

And here is a photo of the flowers in bloom at the Jardin du Luxembourg (in October, no less) that will giving me endless inspiration for happy, joyous color.

Paris Color

Paris, Luxembourg Gardens, 2011


On President’s Day I visited the Los Angeles County of Art for “Target Free Monday.” Target sponsors free admission to the museum here in Los Angeles when Monday falls on a holiday. I am really grateful for that, because you can visit for a brief time and not feel like you have to see everything in one outing. Lately there have been so many great exhibitons around town, so it is nice to frequent the museum on Miracle Mile. I stopped in to see Larry Fink’s photography exhibition in celebration of the upcoming Academy Awards. The use of black and white was brilliant; the limited tonality took away all the smoke and mirrors the glitz and glamour can create. Mr Fink has a distinct point of view, very entertaining, tongue in cheek and spot-on. One of my favorites was a shot of legs all akimbo underneath the table (well-heeled legs, of course!) We are so used to focusing on the make-up and gowns; Larry forces you to REALLY look.
Read more about Larry Fink here:


Sometimes when I’m perusing my little ol’ Aperture Library for new piece to work on, I get  nostalgic for traveling. I see all my photos just sitting there, and I get stuck in the memories. Traveling is my first love- dare I say- even before art and style? A tough choice, to be sure, but they both produce the same feeling of discovery, communication, sharing, and anticipation of things unknown. When you travel, it will always be different than you have imagined. When you create art, it always turns out different than you have imagined. And both are in a good way!

Here are just a few I saw in my library today…let’s go!

Flower Store, Le Marais, Paris

A Beautiful Sky Above the Sacre Coeur

Sunday in the Luxembourg Gardens

MY OWN Lock, forever on the Pont des Arts (until the city removes them)

I just found this post about the removal of the locks on Le Pont des Arts; do you have a lock there?
Mon Dieu, il faut qu’on y retourner tout de suite! (OMG, we must return right away!)

P.S. For all you native French speakers, I can never choose the right verb… is it “retourner or “revenir”? And for you non-native French speakers, there are like five ways to say “go back”!


We continue to have glorious weather here in Los Angeles, so I thought I would post another art piece that I just added to my trolleyla etsy store.

This one is kind of pastel piece…I can’t seem to stay away from color for too long. I have definitely a surfer-beach theme going that feels good and I want to spend time on. I’m feeling a retro nostalgia for all things “Gidget.” Or maybe it’s “Moondoggie.” (Was that his name? What does that mean, anyway?) And I can’t surf. And the sun is bad for you! :)

Paddle Surfer, Malibu California , January 2011