Last night I watched the 1976 movie “Network”. I forgot what a good movie it was, with great cinematography and cool, creative lighting. And who wouldn’t work hard on lighting the shots if you were framing the face of the glorious Faye Dunaway? She won the Academy Award for her performance, and she is perfect as the hard-driving career-climbing 1970s television visionary. The movie still rings true about the evils chasing the beast of ratings, especially now with the endless parade of reality shows.

But it was the unique and extraordinary beauty of Faye that struck me… I went googleing to see more images of her, and she literally took my breath away! Oh my, could there have been anyone as beautiful? Particularly in Bonnie and Clyde… poor Warren Beatty, no slouch himself, he had to compete with such a fabulous thing of nature!

Here are some images of her, and once again I know why I am in love with all things retro! If my hair was straight, I would get a “Bonnie” bob straight away and pull out my berets! Now she is on my list to add to my shop… click on the “shop” link above to see my retro homages and perhaps soon she will be there!

faye dunaway bonnie and clyde

faye dunaway bonnie and clyde


faye dunaway 1960s

faye dunaway

faye dunaway network

Pop Art Surfboards

Canvas Pop Art Surf Print by Trolleyla

We are in full summer swing, and I just happened to come across the surfing cult classic film “The Endless Summer.” I don’t even surf, but I do know that surfing for real surfers has become like the freeways in L.A… too crowded and not worth the hassle. It made me smile when Bruce Brown, the filmmaker, explained the “bikini” for those who were shocked by such flimsy beach attire. The film was released in 1966, and if you want a glimpse back in time to when your biggest life’s dream could be as simple as wearing a bikini all around the world and following the summer, waves, and surf music, then this is your ticket!
Go Gidget!

Endless summer film 1966

Poster for "The Endless Summer"

endless summer film still

Going out, 1960s style

bikinis on the beach 10960s

sandra dee as gidget

Gidget and Moondoggie

Of course, I have already 1960’d some of my favorite beach and surf images for my stores… the first image is available on Etsy printed on canvas! Just some happy colorful summer surf art :)


Apparently, vintage typewriters are a collectors dream and commanding high prices! It seems we all treasure the design and style of retro.  The pink typewriter photo instantly made me read this article in The Wall Street Journal (see it here).

Of course I instantly wanted one, so I set off this weekend to all the great thrifts and second hand stores I know to find my own… and that proved utterly fruitless.  I guess finding such a gem is going to cost you… not that I would even use it! I just want to have it. And as the Journal says, Cormac McCarthy didn’t write “No Country for Old Men” on a computer! Maybe we have too much tecnology?


In my eternal quest for retro chic, today I discovered Helen Shapiro in the Wall Street Journal. EMI record label has released a three cd, 90 track set celebrating her pop career titled “The Ultimate Helen Shapiro.”  The picture of the young Helen, with her stylish eyeliner and beehive hairdo definitely caught my eye. She was only 15 at the time, with a big, soulful voice. I had no idea that she was SUCH a big star in Britain that the Beatles were her opening act! A year later, when the Beatles  landed in New York, the British invasion swept America, and Helen was left behind.  Now sixty-four, she seemed at peace with the fickleness of fame and spoke only with fondness of the others who came after her.

I couldn’t help but think of Amy Winehouse. She resembled Helen a little (being British, perhaps she was an inspiration?) I wish Amy could have found a little place of peace in her soul that would have carried  her along to age 64. Who knows, if she could have reached an older age (like so many we have lost), she may have beaten her demons. Rest in peace, Amy.

helen shapiro album cover 1960s

helen shapiro the ultimate collection cd

Helen Shapiro, a teenager with some great eyeliner!

Please be sure to check out some of my retro images! (I love eyeliner too!)


Julien David is a French-born, Japanese based designer. He started designing scarves, and has never looked back. He is doing some wild sculptural head coverings, and I love the video on  his tumblr site. I saw this picture of his printed silk dress, and I see that Julien and I are inspired by the same colors.

I created my interpretation of Ann-Margret on the right by digitally combining scanned paintings with altered vintage photos. You can see it as a canvas wall hanging on my new website here.

pop art portrait ann margret

If you are interested, you can read more about Julien on Vogue.


I don’t really know what is quite so appealing to me about retro culture, but I can safely say that Twiggy is one of the best reasons I can name. Perhaps it is the fleeting sense of time, place, and youth that retro culture reminds us of. Perhaps it is the “otherness” from the style of today. Yes, we imitate and mine the past for inspiration, but it was REAL then… not just a source of inspiration. Or, perhaps I love the feeling of nostalgia!

I found this 70’s dress that reminds me of something Twiggy would wear, but not in an obvious way. She was so thin and androngynous that she really rocked feminine and boyish styles. You can purchase it here, in my etsy store…
….and enjoy these images of Twiggy!

Twiggy Shirt Dress

Twiggy Shirt Dress Etsy

Twiggy with Earrings

Twiggy in London

Jan 232011

Yes, I know it is THE reason why people move here, but contrary to popular belief, we don’t always have perfect weather in Los Angeles. We’ve had crazy rain storms and moist and chilly days this season. However, this weekend we lived up to our reputation! I went to Point Dume on Saturday, just north of Malibu, and got a lot of surfing photos; I plan on expanding my retro art work beyond fashion-inspired themes, and what better subject than the retro-nostalgia of surf, sand and sunny L.A.!

Here’s is one I finished today and manipulated…but I really took it on January 22, 2011! On a outrageously spectacularly sunny and warm day north of Malibu, California.

Paddle Surfer, Point Dume, California by trolleyla


As usual, the Christmas season is SO busy.  I don’t have to list the reasons, you know all of them! I am very thankful to all of you who purchased something from my art store or my vintage clothing store; I was ecstatic to have a pretty good holiday season.  One thing that is very upsetting to me, however, is the fact that I don’t have the most PERFECT, AWESOMEST,UGLIEST, Christmas sweater!  So, in the spirit of UGLY Christmas sweaters, I show you a mere few…

I searched on Google to see if vintage Christmas sweaters were more attractive, and I found this one. Believe it or not you were SUPPOSED to knit this! That just blows me away. The fact that this was a pattern for a handknit sweater just validates my adoration for vintage.  I guess we had much more time then, and cheap stuff from China wasn’t a huge deterent for making handmade sweaters!

Dec 142010

I love Chole Sevigny. She certainly is a style risk taker; she’s not afraid to play with fashion, and she loves vintage and vintage style. I even love her character’s style on the HBO series “Big Love.”

Chloe in glasses

I have a new vintage 1970’s dress in my vintage store that reminds me of her. when you think of the 70’s you think “disco,” but there was also a lady-like, demure look that was a little quiet and kind of demure. I love this dress! Click here to see it in my store.

"Chloe Sevigny Dress" in Trolleyla Vintage on etsy

Chloe Sevigny 2008

Chloe in vintage

Sometimes, with great sadness, I think of wonderful items I gave away with ruthlessness, trying not to be attached to possessions (and leave more room in my closet.) But I have decided to find more room elsewhere, because I hate finding things in thrifts that are similar to the things I have given away!

Oct 142010

I’m very excited for my upcoming trip to Marbella, Spain, and Paris.  While I am there, I will undoubtedly take lots of pictures, see lots of art (there is a Basquiat and Monet special exhibition, as well as “Les Femmes” at the Pompidou) and bring home lots of new inspiration  for new work. I’m just a travel junkie who gets VERY depressed whilst watching “Househunters International.” I thrive on being visually over stimulated.

Marbella, Costa del Sol, Spain

Here is one of my shots of Paris available for sale in my etsy store. Buy it for a holiday gift for all those people you know who love Paris!

"Paris" by trolleyla

Of course, being the retro loving gal that I am, I picture myself looking like this as I traipse through “les attactions touristiques.”

Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire on the Eiffel Tower

I wish you could still smoke, so you could look like this in Paris

The perfect dinner hat for Paris

Needless to say, packing is very difficult. Lots of black. I think I should bring this, but if I decide not to, look for it in my etsy store “Trolleyla Vintage” on November 1st!

Vintage 1960s beaded top at Trolleyla Vintage on etsy