Jun 282012

Today I came across two different items related to the iconic Gustav Klimt.  Having been to Vienna, which I love (where I swear his spirit lives on!) one is often caught by surprise when suddenly, looming around any corner, is an Art Deco architectural wonder. Of course it is a modern, bustling city, but it literally sings with music and art. I can’t help but love Klimt; of course I love his lyrical line and sense of the decorative, and gold leaf is always special to me (anything that is glittery works for me!)  But also, he was a true lover of women and their sensuality, and he always messed and annoyed  the establishment of his day, a character trait I admire. No shrinking violet was Gustav!  And he produced some seriously beautiful art.

There is a review in The Wall Street Journal “Forever Between Two Worlds” for an exhibition at the Neue Gallery in New York, in honor of the 150th aniversary of his birth.  And at the Getty Museum here in Los Angeles, we have “Gustav Klimt: The Magic of Line” which will showcase his drawings. An excerpt:

Discover the beautiful and evocative drawings of Gustav Klimt in this major retrospective, which explores the stylistic evolution of his drawings as well as their centrality to his work. Klimt’s drawings are characterized by an unsurpassed mastery of line, from his earliest days as a student to his maturity as an avant-garde master.

I am lucky enough to be able to see both, as I will soon be in New York (YAY!!) so I will get to absorb some Gustav magic.


Adele Bloch-Bauer, 1907 (Klimt's possible lover!)


Gustave Klimt drawing "Fishblood"

Klimt Drawing The Kiss

Preparatory drawing for "The Kiss"

Here is a Photo illustration collage I did that includes an image on Klimts very famous “The Kiss”. I no longer sell this image, but maybe I should revisit it! I love being inspired from other artist’s and incorporating them in my work.


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Quoted from Wikipedia’s entry on Coco Chanel:

In 1926 Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel published a picture of a short, simple black dress in American Vogue. It was calf-length, straight, and decorated only by a few diagonal lines. Vogue called it “Chanel’s Ford.” Like the Model T, the little black dress was simple and accessible for women of all social classes. Vogue also said that the LBD would become “a sort of uniform for all women of taste.”


Classic Coco, the creator of it all

In homage to the classic and iconic dress (like it’s creator!) I recently added a canvas art print of my own rendition of “Little Black Dresses.” You can buy it in my etsy shop now (I will soon be adding it to my website.) It is a lovely 8 X 10 X .75″ canvas print, ready to hang on the wall or place anywhere you want color (and black!) Of course, it is based on older fashion image and all gussied up.  Click on the image to see more views.

art piece, black dreses, trolleyla

"Little Black Dress" print on canvas, by trolleyla

Here are more images, just food for thought on the classic and immortal “Little Black Dress.” I actually own the last image, the book based entirely on the theme. Available on Amazon.com, of course!

Assortment of Little Black Dress

"Little Black Dress" to infinity and beyond

Little Black Dress_1964

Little Black Dress ca. 1964

pictue of the book on the little black dress

"The Litle Black Dress" available on Amazoncom


As the days stay lighter longer, my heart and mind turn to traveling. I was fortunate to begin globe hopping when I was still in my teens, and it is a passion that has never abated.  I dream of streets to wander, sights to see and frustrations to tackle.  I could, at the drop of a hat, get on any plane traveling east, and I don’t particularly care where it goes.  Summer has it’s special wonders, but some of my favorite memories have been in the dead of winter; cold, damp and not another tourist in sight (and freedom from making reservations!)

Lately I’ve been missing the antique Ferris Wheel in Vienna.  I fell in love with it when I watched “The Third Man” with Orson Welles, one of my favorite film noir movies.  I thought I’d post some of my digital art illustrations of it, along with stills from the movie that inspired the art work.  And dream of Vienna  and Prater Park.

Vienna Ferris Wheel, early photograph

Vienna Ferris Wheel, an early photograph

Joseph Cotton in front of the Ferris Wheel, still from "The Third Man"

Orson Welles in "The Third Man"

Another altered art version of the wheel, Prater Park, Vienna

..and just for fun, another great ferris wheel, The “London Eye”…

Altered art photography by trolleyla, London Eye through the London Rooftops


I’m getting ready for RENEGADE L.A., an event not to be missed! Mark the dates: July 24 and 25th with more than 200 very cool artisans participating. I will be selling my original retro art, fashion illustrations and objets d’art. I thought my images would look great on purses and cosmetic bags, and I got my first samples in. I love them!

O.K., this is the last time I’m featuring my chihuahua Jodi (NOT). She is displaying her favorite purse.

"Call Me" Bag by trolleyla

"Call Me" bag by trolleyla

"Call Me" bag by trolleyla, featuring Jodi the Chihuahua


I finished an original art piece I have been working on of a majestic rose in bloom, and I must have been inspired by all the roses surrounding me on Mother’s Day!  There really cannot be any other flower more worthy for mom’s (or anyone!) to receive. The image of the writing that I layered onto the picture is a very old love letter written by my mother, so it is perfect for the rose. If you would like to purchase it, it is available in my etsy store.

Then I took some pictures of the roses I received  for Mother’s Day with my iphone, and edited them with the apps that I have been playing with. There are some other examples on my previous post, “Fun with iphone art.”

These apps degrade the photo a bit, but I kind of like it.  What do you think?  Even the border is included!


I’m seeing so many wild and wonderful hats from the Kentucky Derby on the internet, I had to do a post on them. Why can’t everyday be Kentucky Derby Day? I wish I had a (viable) reason to wear these hats and of course, the matching outfit…

See the total gallery from 2009…

These hats just don’t come out of nowhere, they are descended from a long line of  distinguished hat wearing glamour girls.

The "I'm-Not-Just-Eye-Candy" Hat

The "My-Fair-Hat" Hat

Obviously, I’m very influenced by glamour in my fashion images. Here is my own ideal of the ultimate Kentucky Derby Hat, truly for wearing when you aren’t even drunk! This image was just added to my etsy shop as a print and a cute little 4 X4 ” panel box.

Flowers Flowers


The color of flowers and their beauty and grace always inspire me. I include flowers in A LOT of my fashion imagery, so I thought I’d include some here.

Flower Field

Wild Poppies, Lancaster CA

Wild (Urban) Poppies, Lancaster CA

I am so influenced by the color palette of flowers that I started a digital photo illustration series I called “Happy Diane Arbus.” I love Diane Arbus’s work, but her rather dark subject matter and the fact that she committed suicide made me want to appropriate her images and make them “light” not “dark”. I guess I feel flowers and color are better for a positive mood. Just as a disclaimer, I am not selling these, so I am not infringing on the copyrighted images, although it is perfectly fine for artists to appropriate other artist’s work (more on appropriation later!)

Happy Diane Arbus, The Twins By trolleyla

Happy Diane Arbus, The Triplets by trolleyla

Happy Diane Arbus, Central Park by trolleyla

Apr 172010

I finished my work on Louise Dahl-Wolfe’s fashion ad from an earlier post.  This one took a VERY long time…I was not satisfied with it throughout many incarnations, but I am happy with this end product.  It has my colorful palette and pop art esthetic.  I’ve just listed it on my etsy shop, if you want to take a look.


Check out the 1st draft from my post “Paris Paris Paris”

Une Promenade, Dior in 1940's Paris by trolleyla

The 40’s fashions and hairstyles just reeked of elegance and refinement.  I wonder how long it took to get out of the house?  I know that hair stayed protected for sleeping so as not to have to re-set it as often…lot’s of “laquer” was required.

Inspiration, Dorian Leigh