Jun 282012

Today I came across two different items related to the iconic Gustav Klimt.  Having been to Vienna, which I love (where I swear his spirit lives on!) one is often caught by surprise when suddenly, looming around any corner, is an Art Deco architectural wonder. Of course it is a modern, bustling city, but it literally sings with music and art. I can’t help but love Klimt; of course I love his lyrical line and sense of the decorative, and gold leaf is always special to me (anything that is glittery works for me!)  But also, he was a true lover of women and their sensuality, and he always messed and annoyed  the establishment of his day, a character trait I admire. No shrinking violet was Gustav!  And he produced some seriously beautiful art.

There is a review in The Wall Street Journal “Forever Between Two Worlds” for an exhibition at the Neue Gallery in New York, in honor of the 150th aniversary of his birth.  And at the Getty Museum here in Los Angeles, we have “Gustav Klimt: The Magic of Line” which will showcase his drawings. An excerpt:

Discover the beautiful and evocative drawings of Gustav Klimt in this major retrospective, which explores the stylistic evolution of his drawings as well as their centrality to his work. Klimt’s drawings are characterized by an unsurpassed mastery of line, from his earliest days as a student to his maturity as an avant-garde master.

I am lucky enough to be able to see both, as I will soon be in New York (YAY!!) so I will get to absorb some Gustav magic.


Adele Bloch-Bauer, 1907 (Klimt's possible lover!)


Gustave Klimt drawing "Fishblood"

Klimt Drawing The Kiss

Preparatory drawing for "The Kiss"

Here is a Photo illustration collage I did that includes an image on Klimts very famous “The Kiss”. I no longer sell this image, but maybe I should revisit it! I love being inspired from other artist’s and incorporating them in my work.


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The other night I went to Santa Monica to eat Indian food. I have been craving it since I saw one directly across the street from the apartment I was staying at in Paris. Every night I wanted to try it, but somehow the idea of having mediocre sag paneer just didn’t sit right. So the other night, on a beautiful, clear, winter evening (L.A. style-not cold) I went to one of my favorites down in Santa Monica, Gate of India. YUMMY! Then, we walked right down to the bluff, where the Santa Monica Pier’s ferris wheel glittered in the dark. Just lovely. I took out one of my photos of it, and updated it for my etsy store. What do you think? It will be available from November 16, 2010.


During it’s coverage of New York Fashion Week,  the Wall Street Journal wrote an article about Donna Karan’s Fall  2010 “Look 6″ shirt.  It described the process that a design goes through from sketch, runway, and to retail store, which was all very interesting. Since I started out my career being a frustrated artist who went into fashion design and then went back to being an artist, I found Donna’s sketch particularly interesting.  She does her original sketches in watercolor and charcoal (love that!)  It makes a nice, spontaneous look and is one of my favorite “play” methods for drawing and painting.  But since I was a designer, I know you can’t get anything like that shirt made form a sketch like that!  Are they for real?  How could Donna possibly communicate something as intricately constructed as that shirt from a 10 second sketch?  I’m just saying…

Donna Karan Sketch for "Look 6" Blouse

Donna Karan "Look 6" Blouse, Fall 2010

It’s kind of misleading because it makes someone think that they can have an idea and get on Project Runway, and execute it! Well, that’s not really true, because most of the contestants on Runway have serious technical ability.

Here are more of Donna’s sketches from previous seasons.

Donna Karan Sketch

Donna Karan Sketch

And Alexander McQueen was not very descriptive, either!

Alenander McQueen Sketch

Here are some of my charcoal sketches done form a life drawing class. Makes me want to get out the charcoal!!!

Charcoal Sketch by trolleyla

Charcoal Sketch by trolleyla

Charcoal Sketch by trolleyla

Read the Wall Street Journal article to find out more.

Aug 192010

If you’ve read my blog or seen any of my etsy pieces, then you know that Andy Warhol is one of my favorite artists. I love everything about him; The Factory, his art, his early commercial illustrations of shoes, his wigs, and his quiet, quick humor.  Being fabulous in the 1960s also helps.  I found a promo photo of Ann-Margret playing cowgirl, and I just finished adding it to my etsy shop.

It is obviously influenced by Andy and his “Elvis” portraits, and how appropriate!  Cuz we know Annie and Elvis had a fling back in the “Viva Las Vegas” days.   I have united them through Andy, forever in art.  I want to blow this one up to room size!

"Hit Me With Your Best Shot" by trolleyla

"Elvis" silkscreen, Andy Warhol

The One and Only

Do you think my art will ever sell for $10 to $15 million (est.)??? Well, I would have had to been inventing this stuff first, but I’m happy honoring Andy. There will never be another!


Here are some new images I’ve been working on. I quite like them.

"Three Hats" by trolleyla

"Pig Tails" by trolleyla

As always, visit my etsy store to purchase these. I hope to get my store page filled out here soon.


When I started working a lot in photography, I was very influenced by the artist Cindy Sherman.  It seemed so simple and brilliant to use yourself as the model for your photo images.  You were always around, had all the time in the world, and would do anything you wanted for the work. Of course, in life drawing classes, you always drew yourself for your homework.  I have so many self portraits of myself in so many media, over the years it is fun to look over your different experiments in style and medium by choosing yourself as the model.  Besides, you are always available! No excuse for not creating!

cindy sherman untitled film still #21, 1978

Cindy Sherman, untitled film still, 1978

Self Portrait with hat

Self Portrait with hat, photograph

Self Portrait, Photograph and digital media

Self Portrait Bath

Self portrait, black and white photo, staged

Self Portrait Painting

Self portrait mixed media acrylic painting

Self Portrait iPhone Art

Self portrait iPhone Art

Self Portrait Charcoal Drawing

Self portrait drawing, charcoal and mixed media


I’ve been wanting to focus on some really beautiful women from the 60’s who are unforgettable style icons.  I’ve ALWAYS loved Ann-Margret—a fabulous beauty with a killer figure and talented dancer and singer.  What, (or who) could ever surpass Ann-Margret in “Kitten With a Whip?’ (If you’ve never seen it, you must!)

I LOVE the way this image of “the Kitten” came out.  (Purchase it HERE in my etsy shop.) I want to do Leslie Caron, Marianne Faithful, Jean Seberg, Raquel Welch…there are just SO many great 60’s gals.  Let me know your favorite bouffanted beauties!

Original Art Illustration by trolleyla, Ann-Margret

Mounted Art, work available in etsy

Another view


If you have read my blog posts, you know I read the Wall Street Journal.  It has so many interesting articles and great writers. This weekend’s edition, June 5-6th, asked the question, “Does the Internet Make You Smarter or Dumber?” According to WSJ, it’s a paradox. The internet is bursting with information, but apparently all that jumping around causes the information to be ineffectively absorbed, leading to brain scatter.  I guess I’ve been feeling the same way.  I spend more time trying to be PRODUCTIVE than I spend being CREATIVE, and being creative is where I really want to be. For example, I have been working on a  new image for my etsy shop, but it is not finished yet.  I need  A LOT of time to create, because it is a process that demands total immersion, and there is just not a specific amount of time it takes. From now on, I have decided to make sure to schedule blocks of time for creativity, and less for productivity.  Sounds a little counter-intuitive, but I think there is a real secret (to the universe) in it!  Besides, there is NO WAY I can be productive, creative, and WATCH THE LAKERS PLAY IN THE CHAMPIONSHIP and do a good job at ALL of it!

Here is my new work in progress.  I will post the finished version.

70's Eyes by Trolleyla

70's Eyes, work in progress, by Trolleyla

And here is my chihuahua Jodi, a avid Laker’s fan, ready for the Championship Parade,

Jodi in Her Lakers Tee Shirt

May 202010

I added a new piece to my etsy store recently that I really like, titled “The Wedding.”

The Wedding by Trolleyla

And in my second store, “cover girl by trolleyla” I show some of my illustrations that are combinations of painting and inkjet transparencies. It is a unique look I like to fool around with, and I really love this image…

Go Go Girl

I Heart You by Trolleyla


For the first time in many years I went to the Melrose Trading Post or as it is more commonly known, the Melrose Flea Market at Fairfax High School in Los Angeles. I found it to be refreshingly pretty much as I remembered… large enough for plenty of options, but small enough to be a comfortable fun and relaxing thing to do on a Sunday (unlike the Rose Bowl flea market in Pasadena, which is a full day’s event and can be overwhelming). There were lots of people (and dog) watching, tons of vintage and jewelry, and some cool art work, which is what I really wanted to see, as I am considering showing up there with my etsy work!

Pink Veil, Red Veil

VIntage Herringbone Hat

Vintage Purses

Vintage Sparklies

I met a charming Englishman there with his inspiring work, “A Place of Angels”. His original art begins with his photos, much of it taken of the amazing statuary at Highgate Cemetery outside of London,England. It is 37 acres that was given to Queen Victoria in 1839 before her 20th birthday. He has transformed these photographs into pictures and sculptural objects, and they seem to carry with them a part of their peaceful permanent home. Go check out the Angels on any Sunday!

Angel Triptych

Angel, Four Panels

There were some cool pop-art influenced wood-relief paintings

Billie Holiday

Audrey and Friends

I hope this inspires YOU to come to the Flea Market on Melrose and Fairfax when I am there! Of course, I will post a heads up so will drop by and say hello…