Apparently, vintage typewriters are a collectors dream and commanding high prices! It seems we all treasure the design and style of retro.  The pink typewriter photo instantly made me read this article in The Wall Street Journal (see it here).

Of course I instantly wanted one, so I set off this weekend to all the great thrifts and second hand stores I know to find my own… and that proved utterly fruitless.  I guess finding such a gem is going to cost you… not that I would even use it! I just want to have it. And as the Journal says, Cormac McCarthy didn’t write “No Country for Old Men” on a computer! Maybe we have too much tecnology?

Sep 072012

I read an excerpt of this book, “A Furious Love” by Sam Kashner, Nancy Schoenberger in Vanity Fair. I was so fascinated by the “Marriage of the Century” that I had to go and get the book! It was a fascinating read, and perhaps it romanticized their love, but Richard Burton was quite the romantic and wrote all kinds of sweet love notes and letters to Elizabeth. What woman doesn’t like that?  They HATED to be called “Liz and Dick”…. they were Elizabeth and Richard. By many, many personal accounts, they were BOTH more beautiful in person than on film. Elizabeth’s loveliness lasted well into her prime and people were shock by her beauty in person.  Richard, on the otherhand, was quite the hunk… every woman was attracted to him and his beautiful voice.  I just love to read about their time and the era they lived in, and reflect about how it has passed, never to return.  I miss old Hollywood glamour!

Tragic and sad story all around, though.

It inspired me to make a “Elizabeth” pop art influenced canvas of the infamous Hollywood icon for my store. If you like it, go check it out by clicking on the photos!

A Furious Love

A Furious Love - Book Cover


Wearing the diamond Richard gave her

Elizabeth Taylor

Eliabeth Taylor Canvas - Hanging

Jan 262012

As I write this post on my iPad, I acknowledge that I love the digital age as much as we all do, and there is no doubt that digital photography is one of the most important advances ever. Well, except for maybe the release of the Kodak “Brownie” camera. It was the first portable camera; the first to bring photography to everyone. You just took your photos, and sent the whole camera in, then Kodak sent you back your photos and a newly loaded camera!

Kodak brownie camera
Early Brownie Advertisement

I loved learning the challenge of film photography; the chemistry, the skill, the tricks of a double exposure, and sadly, it is now basically extinct. I own quite a few expensive cameras that are now worthless! (a short meditation on the nature of acquiring “things!”) and in reality, digital pixels don’t really replicate a true analog image. Somehow, something is missing!

It looks like Kodak will soon be no more, so here are some retro memories to honor “The Eastman Kodak Co.”

brigitte bardot with camera

Lastly, I have included a COLOR FILM ANALOG photograph I took about 3 years ago, when I went around my local area taking pictures of old California style Bungalows at night. Sadly, they too, are dissapearing!!!! And NO, NOT ANY Photoshopping!!!!

Night Film Photography California Bungalow

Film Photography California Bungalow by trolleyla


I was so excited to have Turn Magazine send me this! They gave me a nice promo by featuring my Brigitte Bardot hommage on their very cool magazine. It is definitely worth a look; amazing photographers, art and fashion… just great eye candy! Take a look here!

brigitte bardot canvas

And as always, you can purchase this in my new store ;)


I did this new vintage flavored photo of the Eiffel Tower for my etsy shop. Really, at night, it does kind of looks like this. At least it feels like this. That’s how beautiful Paris is, especially at night. So I got out a travel photo of me in front of the Paris Plage… the beach that Paris brings in for the summer, sand and all, along the Seine.

I’m am SO missing Europe and it’s charms, I can’t wait to get back there in a couple of months. Sadly, Paris Plage will be gone, but the “velibs” (the rental bikes) will not! If I can only get that machine to work, mon dieu!

La Tour Eiffel by trolleyla

trolleyla at the Paris Plage

La Tour Eiffel by trolleyla

I am working on getting my store page stocked, until then, you can purchase this on etsy here:


renegade craft fair los angeles

Renegade LA and Trolley LA together!

I’m very excited to be bringing to share (and sell!) all my beautiful art with you at the second annual Renegade Craft Fair on July 24 and 25, 11AM to 7 PM. Renegade is the mother of all craft fairs, full of great indie artisans showing one-of-a-kind creations that you won’t find in all those CORPORATE malls. (Don’t you get tired of seeing the same stores everywhere?) Renegade started in Chicago, and is now going strong in San Francisco, Brooklyn, NY, Austin, TX, and of course, Los Angeles! I hope to participate in the out-of-area shows, too.

If you are anywhere near the Los Angeles area, please come by and tell me you saw my art on this blog or on etsy, and you will get a 40% discount off anything! I have been working extra hard, and I will have many beautiful LARGE canvas painting prints, amazing pieces for home decor, as well as small pieces for any budget. My new experiment with purses and makeup bags will premiere as well.

This weekend my honey and I made a mock-up of my booth so it will go up easy and with no surprises… looks good, but it will totally rock by showtime!

MEET JODI THE CHIHUAHUA, TOO ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ "Call Me" bag by trolleyla


Mock Up Booth for trolleyla

Mock Up 5


I’ve been wanting to focus on some really beautiful women from the 60’s who are unforgettable style icons.  I’ve ALWAYS loved Ann-Margret—a fabulous beauty with a killer figure and talented dancer and singer.  What, (or who) could ever surpass Ann-Margret in “Kitten With a Whip?’ (If you’ve never seen it, you must!)

I LOVE the way this image of “the Kitten” came out.  (Purchase it HERE in my etsy shop.) I want to do Leslie Caron, Marianne Faithful, Jean Seberg, Raquel Welch…there are just SO many great 60’s gals.  Let me know your favorite bouffanted beauties!

Original Art Illustration by trolleyla, Ann-Margret

Mounted Art, work available in etsy

Another view


Today I finished a new piece for my etsy shop that I just love.  The vintage cover I found didn’t have credits, but I’m sure it is Brigitte Bardot.  She’s pretty hard to imitate…what a face! Perhaps this is a brunette Brigitte, but if it’s a look-a-like, then she was very lucky to have the “look!”

To view this on my etsy store, click here:×8-print

I found some other images of her by Andy Warhol (of course) and a promotional shot.

Brigitte Bardot by Andy Warhol


You might be aware that age and the St. Tropez sun didn’t do much for B.B.’s later looks, but what I’m totally impressed with is that she hasn’t had plastic surgery!  Now THAT is the ability to age with grace.  To start off looking that good and be able to deal with age (and not go crazy with body dysmorphia)…there is quite a lesson to be learned there. Bravo, B.B.