Apparently, vintage typewriters are a collectors dream and commanding high prices! It seems we all treasure the design and style of retro.  The pink typewriter photo instantly made me read this article in The Wall Street Journal (see it here).

Of course I instantly wanted one, so I set off this weekend to all the great thrifts and second hand stores I know to find my own… and that proved utterly fruitless.  I guess finding such a gem is going to cost you… not that I would even use it! I just want to have it. And as the Journal says, Cormac McCarthy didn’t write “No Country for Old Men” on a computer! Maybe we have too much tecnology?



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Jul 082011

Lately I’ve been worried about me and my shoes. I find myself coveting the towering platforms of summer, with thick leather straps and twine-roped wedges, or searching on the internet for the perfect tricolor blocked chunky sandal combination. I search for sales and online coupons, finding facsimiles for the Christian Louboutins or Marc Jacob’s that I want but won’t (read “can’t) buy. This month on the cover of Lucky magazine I found the perfect retro 70’s Christian Louboutin wood platforms on Lauren Conrad, but they were over $1000 dollars! I don’t think it is possible for me to spend $1000 dollars on a pair of shoes, even if money was no object. I’m just not made from that kind of stuff. But I wonder, why am I lusting after these shoes that will spend mere seconds this summer out of their box and out of the closet? As much as I truly and deeply love these “objets d’art”, everyday when I pull out a cute vintage top to mix with a current favorite pair of jeans, I find myself picking only the widest, roundest, rubber soled comfy scuffed up sensible flats to wear. Even mid heeled, feminine sandals are rejected at the last minute. Comfort reigns supreme! And yet, I lust still.

"Vivaeva" Platforms, Christian Louboutin

Shoes on the Runway...

Gloriously impracticle shoes (wear them once, and everyone has seen them!)

Here’s a great example of the shoes I really end up wearing. I found these incredible 1970’s leather dance shoes (made in Los Angeles!) while thrifting, and I have reluctantly added them to my etsy store. I really am hoping they don’t sell :) Very comfy and oh so practical!

1970s "Coast Shoes" Vintage leather dance flats

Dec 142010

I love Chole Sevigny. She certainly is a style risk taker; she’s not afraid to play with fashion, and she loves vintage and vintage style. I even love her character’s style on the HBO series “Big Love.”

Chloe in glasses

I have a new vintage 1970’s dress in my vintage store that reminds me of her. when you think of the 70’s you think “disco,” but there was also a lady-like, demure look that was a little quiet and kind of demure. I love this dress! Click here to see it in my store.

"Chloe Sevigny Dress" in Trolleyla Vintage on etsy

Chloe Sevigny 2008

Chloe in vintage

Sometimes, with great sadness, I think of wonderful items I gave away with ruthlessness, trying not to be attached to possessions (and leave more room in my closet.) But I have decided to find more room elsewhere, because I hate finding things in thrifts that are similar to the things I have given away!


The Los Angeles County Museum of Art has been rapidly expanding into quite a complex, with the recent opening of the Broad Contemorary Art Museum, and now the Resnick Wing. And fortunately for L.A. County residents, they have been having free admission everyday after 5pm. I saw two great exhibitions there; “Fashion Fashion” and “William Eggleston: The Democratic Camera”.

“Fashioning Fashion” was mesmerizing. Their collection of museum quality European men’s and women’s clothing begins in the 1700’s, and the pieces are exquisite. The textiles, craftmanship, labor and ingenuity of making such complicated clothing with such little mechanization is almost incomprehensible to the modern mind. Quite beautifully presented. There is even a chance to see the first incarnation of the thigh-high leather boot (created of course, during the “Moulin Rouge” era in France. Really worth seeing.

Then, cross over to “BCAM” to see the Eggleston. He was the first photographer to use color film and snapshot style photography and present it as fine art. There is a lot of retro ambience in his work (which I love) and you get a double whammy of it— they were retro when he took them in the 60’s through the 80’s, and only more so now. There is a fascinating documentary on him I saw in art school that is made by his son documenting not only his method of working, but his alcoholism (I’m sure you can find it on you tube by searching his name.)

Here are just a few images from both the shows. I love to present on my blog just a few of the things I draw inspiration from; I hope you enjoy them.

"Fashion Fashion" Losa Angeles County Museum of Art

Dress from "Fashioning Fashion"

"Fashioning Fashion"

French"Fetish Boots" circa 1900

Untitled, William Eggleston, 1976

Untitled, William Eggleston, 1981

OH… and I forgot my FAVORITE thing about LACMA…it’s on the same piece of land as the La Brea Tar Pits! Those of us who grew up here remember with great fondness our field trips to the Tar Pits. You can’t get more L.A. than that!

La Brea Tar Pits on Miracle Mile, next to LACMA


Ok, this is why I love retro art and style so much. Today my favorite paper, The Wall Street Journal, has an article and slide show entitled “The Bosom is Back”, with the most glamorous 1950s era clothing from today’s top designers. I wouldn’t even call it new, it’s just elegant, retro style in new fabrics (so instead of buying vintage, you are buying “new vintage.” I can see why they have recalled these classy, feminine and luxurious looks…because they are timeless and tasteful!

See the article and slide show here:
The New Belle Curve

Here are some of Louis Vuitton’s retro-vibed dresses from the fall 2010 collection.

The Elegant Bosom

Ladylike and Pure Retro

I Want Gloves


The Beautiful Suzy Parker did it For Real

Don’t forget to peruse my etsy store for my retro influenced art pieces, in prints and on canvas…


Sixtie's Glamour

I’m not as 1950’s-specific as this current trend with MY vintage finds, but you will find many items from many eras!


I have been a bit absent from my blog lately, busy setting up a new etsy store.  Being that I began in fashion design and very often used vintage clothing as my inspiration, it is natural that I have collected some vintage gems.  I’m pretty open to any era;  mostly I’m attracted to what the item “speaks” of, regarding it’s time.  Not only do I love creating art with a retro allure, I also love collecting objects.  Some pieces I find aren’t for me, but I still can’t seem to pass them up.  ( I have heard this said by other collectors!)   I hate to label my finds  “vintage, ” because it’s really pop culture that I am interested in… the music, the style, and the art from the times of our lives.  Very soon I hope to add an art and clothing store to this site, so be on the lookout for that!

Click here to visit my grand opening of Trolleyla Vintage!

GRAND OPENING - Trolleyla Vintage on etsy

1950s Cotton Cocktail Bombshell Dress - chic, classic, style


I seem to work with faces and places a lot as my subject matter. Iconic places (like the Eiffel Tower or Ferris wheels) are always fun for me to reinterpret. One, because I get to reminisce about the time I took the picture, and two, because I get to add a “feeling” to the image. The bad part is how sick I get about not being there (anywhere) RIGHT NOW! But what is truly amazing is that a simple tree or photo of flowers can be just as interesting as a shot in France or Austria.

Here are some nature shots I took and edited in my iphone. They are from my trip to Colorado and I did them on the 2 hour flight home! Good thing I had these apps, because I had already read the Southwest Airlines magazine.

Colorado Tree in Green by trolleyla

Colorad Tree in Red by trolleyla

Sunflowers and Fence by trolleyla

Please check my etsy store to purchase these in a larger size.


Today there was such a great article in the Wall Street Journal. So up my (retro vintage fashion) alley! Titled “Golden Age of Flight— Go-Go Boots, White Gloves and Legroom. What Airlines Can Learn From the Past”. In the “Golden Age” there were empty seats, 3 to 6 inches more of leg room in coach, three choices for a (free) meal and FASHION!!!! The article didn’t even mention that your luggage went with you at no extra cost! Of course, everything was less complex then, there were no x-rays or metal detectors, so planes were hijacked more often and weren’t as safe, or as cheap. So carefree came with a heavy price. But sometimes, those simple days when we didn’t have so much to fear and Go-Go boots were actually a uniform seem sweetly innocent. I guess that’s why I like retro and pop art. It seems colorful, happy, joyous and so wildly impractical! We are SO practical now…no gloves, lacquered hair, false eyelashes. Not that I’d want to do all that work every day, but I truly love that history and glamour.

Retro Fashion Flight Attendant Uniform

Retro Fashion Flight Attendant Uniform


I did this new vintage flavored photo of the Eiffel Tower for my etsy shop. Really, at night, it does kind of looks like this. At least it feels like this. That’s how beautiful Paris is, especially at night. So I got out a travel photo of me in front of the Paris Plage… the beach that Paris brings in for the summer, sand and all, along the Seine.

I’m am SO missing Europe and it’s charms, I can’t wait to get back there in a couple of months. Sadly, Paris Plage will be gone, but the “velibs” (the rental bikes) will not! If I can only get that machine to work, mon dieu!

La Tour Eiffel by trolleyla

trolleyla at the Paris Plage

La Tour Eiffel by trolleyla

I am working on getting my store page stocked, until then, you can purchase this on etsy here:


Whenever I sell a piece of art, no matter how large or small, I am so grateful. The economy is so tough, jobs are still scarce, and it seems like most of us are still scrambling to make sense of how fast everything changed. But it makes me happy to know that others are like myself— still wanting to surround themselves and their space with something that makes them feel good, either through glorious color, a beautiful image or just because they like the vibe. I see so much wonderful creativity on the site, and I’m looking forward to seeing lots more at the Renegade Craft Fair in two weeks. I’m just very happy when I get to create ANYTHING, and I am thankful beyond measure when someone else likes what I created! I’ve always believed that creating was truly the most important thing in life. I often feel that our collective level of appreciating a craft has been diminished by the influx of super, super cheap stuff from China. All we seem to think about is how cheap we can buy something for, but you know the saying… “you get what you pay for.” When you buy even a small piece of art, you truly get something of value!

So on that note, here are a few new creations, and thanks to all those who buy art and make art!

And thanks to the one who helped make anything possible, Pablo Picasso. Viva España!