Professional services in the global network

Many professional services in the global network are writing candidate dissertations in various scientific fields on the basis of exclusive compliance with the attestation standards, which primarily involves strict control over the absence of plagiarism.

PhD thesis

An on-demand PhD thesis is a multi-step and rigorous process. Technologically, the thesis is carried out by one executing author, while retaining the sources used for current and final control over the borrowing process of textual elements, as well as a specific emphasis on the author’s information not borrowed from the sources.

On average, taking into account the practice of dissertation research, the term for writing a master’s thesis is not less than 1 year, and often 1.5 years. In exceptional cases, studies are carried out in a shorter time when collectively performed. The dissertation research is carried out, according to the approved plan, separately; conclusions and introduction are carried out last.

Dissertation writing company carries out research both comprehensively and partially. With the complex implementation of a master’s thesis:

  • dissertation manuscript;
  • several articles for publication in scientific collections included in the list of publications for publication of the results of dissertation research, among which there is one publication in a specific scientific publication;
  • 5 a few abstracts for placement in collections of materials of scientific conferences
  • complex reviews and reviews;


In the case of partial implementation, the center conducts research on writing separate sections, or subsections, introduction, conclusions, or other constituent elements of the dissertation, as well as performs corrections and refinements of dissertation research. When performing a PhD thesis, the center can fulfill additional customer requirements. In this case, the solution to the situation can be an appeal to a specialized agency for writing scientific papers.

In writing dissertation in a day studio, experts can take on the job of choosing and justifying a topic, before writing parts or the whole dissertation or diploma paper, as well as reports, theses, articles and other papers related to scientific activities to the complex writing of research. Features of this studio:

  1. formal conduct of business;
  2. high service with an appropriate level of qualified authors;
  3. performance of services on the basis of a public contract or the signing of its analogue in writing at the office for the provision of services with the recording of requirements, deadlines, steps and calculations;
  4. phased payment and execution of work;
  5. the ability to replace the author at any stage of the work;
  6. warranty support, full legal and material liability of the services provided.